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Scientists identify genetic markers for common side-effect of taxane chemotherapy

US scientists have identified genetic markers associated with a common side-effect of taxane-based chemotherapy called peripheral neuropathy.

BRCA1 gene points way to targeting breast cancer treatment

Testing tumours for the breast cancer gene BRCA1 could be a powerful way of predicting how patients will respond to chemotherapy, scientists from Breast Cancer Campaign...

Trial results raise hope of more effective pancreatic cancer treatment

A major international trial has shown a commonly used chemotherapy drug is as effective at helping prevent pancreatic cancer returning after surgery as the more expensive...

Scientists shed new light on why pancreatic cancer drugs can fail

Cancer Research UK scientists led an international team of investigators who have discovered a new mechanism that may explain why pancreatic cancer patients are often...

NICE approves new prostate cancer treatment

The UK medical watchdog NICE has approved the use of chemotherapy drug docetaxel to treat men with advanced prostate cancer.

Lower doses enable older bowel cancer patients to take part in chemotherapy trials

Older patients with bowel cancer may be able to take part in clinical trials if the doses of experimental chemotherapy drugs are lowered.

Genes may predict patient's response to chemotherapy

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen have identified two genes that may help to identify which breast cancer patients will respond to the common chemotherapy drug...

Major advances made in Burkitt's lymphoma

Scientists have discovered a better way to identify and treat a commonly misdiagnosed cancer affecting young adults and teenagers, a study published in Blood* reveals...

Detailed diagnosis boosts child cancer survival

More accurate disease classification now means some young children with neuroblastoma will have less intensive treatment with better survival, according to research...

Adding chemo to radiotherapy halves risk of deadly bladder cancer returning

Bladder cancer patients given low doses of chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy were nearly 50 per cent less likely to relapse with the most lethal form of the disease...