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Jet lag and liver cancer – what’s the story?

Headlines suggested that jet lag could raise the risk of liver cancer. We spoke to an expert to find out the story.

Rewiring cancers’ circuits – a new way to kill?

Our scientists have developed a new way to re-wire cancer cells.

Children’s cancer survivors face a tough question: do you want to ever have kids?

We spoke to four young cancer survivors about the fertility issues they faced after cancer treatment.

Modified virus could turn immune system on liver cancer

A modified virus could be used to launch an immune attack on liver cancer cells, a new study has revealed.

News digest – The Queen opens the Crick, a radical sugary drinks proposal, gut microbes, gold and… lasers?

The Queen opens the Crick, a radical sugary drinks proposal, gut microbes, gold and… lasers? Here's our news digest.

Scientists reveal genetic ‘signatures’ left by cigarette smoke

How does cigarette smoke harm our DNA to cause cancer? New research shows the complexity and severity of the situation.

Sellafield, radiation and childhood cancer – shedding light on cancer clusters near nuclear sites

A new report confirms that radiation from a nuclear plant wasn't to blame for a spike in childhood leukaemia in north-west England - so what was?

News digest – radiotherapy investment, immune cell exhaustion, 3D-printed torso, and… cycling?

Radiotherapy got the investment it needs this week when NHS England announced it will spend £130m upgrading or replacing machines across England. This is great news, and...

Radiotherapy gets the investment it needs

NHS England has announced that it will invest £130m in new radiotherapy machines. Read why that investment is so important.

News digest – barriers to seeing the GP, soaring annual cancer cases, further worrying obesity findings, taxing sugary drinks and… turkeys?

Annual cancer cases are rising in the UK; new barriers to seeing the GP identified; encouraging results from immunotherapy trials; taxing sugary drinks, and could gobbling...