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The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey – a patient writes…

A personal take on the findings of the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey from Richard Stephens, who survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma 15 years ago.

Why are cancer rates increasing?

UK cancer rates are increasing. But why? As we publish new stats on ‘lifetime risk’, we look at why rates on the up, and what needs to be done.

Does oxygen cause lung cancer? I wouldn’t hold your breath

What causes cancer – and what can be done to prevent it – is one of the biggest questions in research – and although we’ve come a long way to answering it, there’s always...

Cancer Drugs Fund decision – ‘How can we deliver personalised treatment with an impersonal funding system?’

We caught up with our chief clinician, Professor Peter Johnson, about the recent announcement of changes to NHS England’s Cancer Drugs Fund.

The high-profile...

My role as independent chair of the Cancer Strategy Taskforce

Alongside my role as Cancer Research UK’s chief executive, I am honoured to have been invited to be the independent chair of a Task Force to plot how the country can best...

Cancer ‘mainly bad luck’? An unfortunate and distracting headline

What causes cancer? It’s a simple question to ask, and – in so many ways – one of the hardest to answer.

And last week, as 2015 slowly got into gear and many of us...

600,000 preventable cancers – the size of the healthy living prize

Today we released new data highlighting what a real difference collective action on public health could make.

Guest post: Claims of a cure for cancer? Ask For Evidence

Early career researcher Lydia Le Page blogs about Sense About Science’s new initiative, ‘Ask For Evidence’.

Did you hear the claim that sleeping naked can cut your...

What does the Autumn Statement mean for cancer research?

The big news this week was the Government’s final Autumn Statement of this Parliament, and its future plans for taxation and spending. With new investment for roads,...

Guest post: Are older cancer patients missing out on surgery?

John Butler is a Consultant Gynaecologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital. Here, he gives us his thoughts on new data on surgery in the NHS

As a surgeon I see...