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Cancer Genes

Mysterious 'ancient' DNA can help cancer cells survive

A new study, part-funded by Cancer Research UK, has discovered that ancient DNA sequences within human cells can actually help cancer cells survive.

Researchers close in on new way to treat aggressive bowel cancers

Targeting a 'previously unappreciated' protein could lead to a treatment for aggressive bowel cancer, US researchers have found.

Trigger for 'undruggable' lung cancer gene offers new treatment hope

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that an enzyme called C-Raf controls a hugely important gene responsible for the development of lung cancer, according to...

Gene target may block breast cancer recurrence and boost survival

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that a gene called POLQ is linked to an eight-fold risk of breast cancer returning. Developing drugs to block POLQ could...

Scientists unlock key to tamoxifen resistance

Cancer Research UK funded scientists have discovered why some breast cancers are resistant to the commonly used drug tamoxifen, their findings are published in Cancer...

Significant step forward in childhood eye cancer

Researchers at a children's hospital in Washington have identified the genetic mechanism behind the rapid development of retinoblastoma, a rare type of childhood eye...

Scientists find rare childhood kidney cancer gene fault

Faults in gene called DIS3L2 are linked to an increased risk of a form of childhood kidney cancer, scientists have discovered.

Exploiting cancer's 'double agent' could lead to new treatments for bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have discovered that the gene defects that cause some bowel cancers could become the targets for new personalised treatments. Their...

Single gene essential for oestrogen response in breast cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that a single gene controls the oestrogen-fuelled growth of breast cancer cells, according to research published in Nature...

Study points to potential new treatment for deadly pancreatic cancer

New research shows how a promising new class of drugs might be used to treat aggressive forms of pancreatic cancer.