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Cancer Genes

Potential new way to treat childhood leukaemia identified

An international team of scientists has discovered a potential new treatment target for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL).

Gene 'fusion' linked to aggressive brain cancer

A small number of cases of glioblastoma - an aggressive brain tumour - are caused by DNA damage that joins two particular genes together.

Genetic 'fine tuners' control body's own attack against cancer

The body's own immune system's fight against breast cancer is controlled by genetic 'fine tuners', known as microRNAs according to a study.

Cancer Research UK launches nine high-tech gene projects

Unravelling the genetic secrets behind a range of cancers is the aim of a new initiative from Cancer Research UK.

Scientists closer to identifying prostate cancer genes

Scientists have made significant steps towards identifying potential new genes involved in prostate cancer.

Collaboration reveals gene mutation link to head and neck cancer

Experts in the United States have collaborated to uncover a link between head and neck cancer and mutations in a family of genes.

Study gives better picture of genetic causes of breast cancer

Research from the US has given scientists a better understanding of the genetic and molecular defects inside breast cancer cells.

Scientists discover cause of rare skin cancer that heals itself

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered the gene behind a rare skin cancer which grows rapidly for a few weeks before healing spontaneously, according to research...

Scientists uncover protective role of BRCA2's 'protein partner'

Cancer Research UK scientists have shed new light on the vital role that a protein plays in protecting our DNA, reveals a study published in Nature Structural and...