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Cancer Genes

Gene helps predict which women with ovarian cancer will benefit most from chemotherapy

Measuring how active a gene is in women with ovarian cancer could predict who will benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy drugs – a common treatment for the disease.

'Protective' breast cancer gene may lead to new treatments

Scientists looking for new breast cancer genes have discovered a genetic variant that appears to slightly reduce the risk of breast cancer among the women who inherit it...

US researchers unveil womb cancer and acute leukaemia genomes

US researchers have published details of the genetic makeup of two more forms of cancer - acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and womb (endometrial) cancer.

Study uncovers genetic diversity of breast cancer

Nine new genes involved in the development of breast cancer have been uncovered by Cambridge researchers, bringing the total number to at least 40.

Preventing prostate cancer cells from 'bodybuilding' provides new treatment hope

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that stopping prostate cancer cells from 'bulking up' with nutrients reduces the spread of the disease and tumour size,...

Scientists find bowel cancer genes that triple risk

Cancer Research UK funded scientists have identified two common genetic variants that could triple a person's risk of getting bowel cancer. Their findings are published in...

Cancer Research UK launches nine high-tech gene projects

Unravelling the genetic secrets behind a range of cancers is the aim of a new initiative from Cancer Research UK.

Study reveals the genetic variations that raise the risk of breast, prostate or ovarian cancer

80+ regions of the genome that can increase an individual's risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancers have been found in the largest ever...

Research finds possible liver cancer genes

New research in the US has identified two genes likely to play a role in liver cancer and in doing so, has highlighted an efficient and adaptable method of looking for new...

Potential new way to treat childhood leukaemia identified

An international team of scientists has discovered a potential new treatment target for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL).