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Cancer Drugs

New drug 'more effective' than chemo for certain patients with advanced lung cancer

A new drug – crizotinib (Xalkori) – may be more beneficial than chemotherapy for some lung cancer patients.

Experimental drug shrinks lung cancer tumours in mice

Tumours formed from lung cancer cells completely disappeared in mice treated with an experimental drug, US scientists say.

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology join forces with Astellas on autophagy to find new cancer treatments

Cancer Research UK and its commercial arm, Cancer Research Technology are to join forces with Astellas Pharma Inc.

Experimental nanoparticles could target cancers in bone tissue

An experimental treatment that uses microscopic balls – called ‘nanoparticles’ – could be used to target cancer cells within bones.

Experimental leukaemia drug boosts immune response against other cancers

Experimental drugs being tested in clinical trials for leukaemia may also boost the body’s immune response against other forms of cancer.

US ‘proof-of-concept’ trial confirms promise of stratified lung cancer treatment

Routine tests that look for multiple, specific genetic changes in patients’ lung tumours could help doctors select targeted treatments.

‘Dustman’ protein helps bin cancer cells

Cancer researchers have discovered a new ‘dustman’ role for a molecule that helps a drug kill cancer cells according to a study.

Revolutionary clinical trial aims to advance lung cancer treatment thanks to Cancer Research UK and Pharma partnership

Cancer Research UK is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to create a pioneering clinical trial for patients with advanced lung cancer 

CRT and Teva’s collaboration yields successful outcome with novel aPKC protein inhibitor cancer drug development candidate

CRT announces a successful outcome to collaborating with Teva - identiying a novel atypical Protein Kinase C (aPKC) inhibitor pre-clinical candidate.

World-first clinical trial launches for advanced bowel cancer

Patients with advanced bowel cancer are set to benefit from the launch of a new clinical trial targeting treatments to their specific cancer type