Breast cancer news

Meet the scientists tackling brain tumours, investigating a cancer ‘master switch’ and much more

Meet our new leaders, who are spearheading research to tackle some of the biggest questions we need to answer to help more people survive cancer.

Breast screening can lead to some women having unnecessary treatment

Around a third of women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer or DCIS through screening in Denmark are likely to receive unnecessary treatment.

Breast cancer drug currently too expensive for NHS

NICE has published draft guidance stating that the breast cancer drug trastuzumab emtansine (also known as Kadcyla) won't be routinely available through the NHS

Breast cancer gene testing in the US rose after Angelina Jolie announcement

There was a sharp increase in the number of women in the US who underwent breast cancer gene testing after Angelina Jolie wrote an article in the New York Times

Piecing together breast cancers’ immune cell composition

Our scientists are looking at immune cells in breast cancer in greater detail than ever before.