Breast cancer news

The perfect match: making breast cancer treatment more personal

In the fourth of our series of posts for Stand Up To Cancer, we focus on a clinical trial that's finding faulty genes to improve breast cancer treatment.

Tumour cells may ‘hijack’ white blood cells to help spread

White blood cells that usually help fight infections could be co-opted by cancer cells to help tumours spread, a new US study has found.

Science Snaps: how knowing the shape of cancer cells could improve treatments

We step behind the microscope to look at research into shape-shifting cancer cells that's funded by Stand Up To Cancer.

New consent forms for cancer treatments published

Cancer patients are being given a new consent form to better explain the drugs they will be given before starting treatment.

Why has science seemingly changed its mind on night shifts and breast cancer?

New research has a possible answer to a long-standing question over whether working night shifts increases the risk of breast cancer.