Breast cancer news

Harder, better, faster, kinder – a new era for cancer drug testing

Our scientists have developed a new, more accurate way to test hundreds of cancer drugs at the same time.

New way of testing drugs could speed up development of breast cancer treatments

Scientists have discovered a new way to test hundreds of cancer drugs very quickly which could cut the time it takes to find potential breast cancer treatements

The public doesn’t know obesity causes cancer, and that’s really worrying

Our latest figures reveal that three in four people aren’t aware that obesity causes cancer.

New data on cancer treatment to help improve care

Our chief clinician offers his thoughts on new data looking at one aspect of the effects of certain cancer treatments across the NHS in England.

Watch our Google Hangout about testing new treatments in patients (Part 2 of 2)

We explore how clinical trials are run, and hear from a patient about what it's like taking part in a cancer clinical trial.