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Brain And Spinal Cord Tumours

Mobile phone use 'not linked to brain tumours'

A new study has found no increase in the incidence of brain tumours during the years following the introduction of mobile phones in Nordic countries.

'No link' between using mobile phones and brain tumours

There is no link between using a mobile phone and developing tumours in the brain or central nervous system.

Personalised radiotherapy treatment set to benefit from CERN software

A collaboration of scientific disciplines is developing pioneering software to design radiotherapy tailored to an individual.

Immunotherapy begins to bear fruit

A new vaccine could significantly extend the life expectancy of patients with glioblastoma multiforme, researchers have claimed.

Eight gene mutations appear to cause childhood brain cancer

Canadian scientists have identified eight genes that appear to be involved in the development of the most common form of childhood brain cancer.

Temozolomide sales reach $1 billion

Sales of Temozolomide*, an anti-cancer drug developed by Cancer Research UK scientists, have reached $1 billion**.

Cancer Research UK welcomes glioma drug ruling

The number of patients with glioma who are eligible to receive temozolomide on the NHS has been increased following an appeal to NICE.

Study offers childhood brain tumour treatment hope

Results from a new study suggests that the most common type of brain tumour seen in children may be driven by a specific set of gene faults.

Brain tumour gene link found

Cancer Research UK funded Scientists have discovered a mutation in a DNA repair gene which may increase the risk of developing meningioma.

Experts issue warning over private brain screening tests

Experts question the benefits of brain screening tests, which can be used by people who want reassurance they do not have a tumour.