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Brain And Spinal Cord Tumours

From finding cancers’ paper trail to harnessing the power of the Zika virus – our latest Pioneer Awards

Find out about the pioneering ideas our researchers are putting to the test, from harnessing the power of the Zika virus to finding cancer’s paper trail.

Scientists to test Zika virus on brain tumours

In a revolutionary first, Cancer Research UK-funded scientists will test whether the Zika virus can destroy brain tumour cells.

Ovarian cancer drug could target gene fault in brain tumours

A genetic flaw that’s often found in a type of brain tumour may stop the cells from fixing damage to their DNA, findings from a new US study suggest.

Scientists uncover potential brain tumour drug target

Targeting a molecule that helps cells repair their DNA could lead to a new treatment for some aggressive brain tumours, a University of Leeds study has found.

Scientists discover cells that may fuel brain tumour growth

A US study has found a group of cells that fuel the growth of a particular type of brain tumour.

Cancer patients offered access to their treatment records by a new online information portal

Cancer Research UK, the NCRS and brain tumour support charity, brainstrust, have teamed up to offer cancer patients easy access to their treatment records.

David Beckham gives young fan a day to remember with surprise visit for Stand Up To Cancer

Manchester United fan Lloyd Burton’s dream came true when he met David Beckham when filming for Cancer Research UK and Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer.

Genetic flaw may hold key to deadly childhood brain tumour

Scientists may have discovered a new way to treat a type of childhood brain tumour that has proved incurable up until now.

Electromagnetic fields 'do not increase cancer risk' among energy workers

A study of workers at electricity firms suggests that electromagnetic fields do not increase the risk of some cancers.

Virus discovery may aid treatment of children's brain tumour

A large proportion of medulloblastomas are infected with a virus, according to work published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.