Bowel cancer news

Researchers find key to drug resistant bowel cancer

Blocking a molecule could bypass bowel cancer’s defence against the drug cetuximab, according to new research presented at the NCRI Cancer Conference.

Men with a high genetic chance of bowel cancer could have lower risk with healthy lifestyles

Men with a high genetic risk of bowel cancer over the next 25 years could have a lower risk of developing the disease if they also have a healthy lifestyle.

1 in 5 emergency bowel cancer patients had symptoms before diagnosis

Around one in five bowel cancer patients diagnosed after an emergency presentation have displayed at least one cancer ‘alarm symptom’ leading up to diagnosis.

Vitamin A may help control some cases of bowel cancer

A molecule produced from vitamin A may help protect against some cases of bowel cancer.

Analysis of tumour DNA from blood could predict bowel cancer recurrence

An experimental DNA test could help predict which early-stage bowel cancer patients are at a greater risk of their disease returning following surgery.