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Expert cancer meetings are under growing pressure

The increasing number of patients being discussed at expert cancer meetings means that specialists are under growing pressure.

Researchers reveal how cancer cells cope with genetic chaos

Scientists have uncovered how tumours are able to grow despite significant damage to the structure and number of their chromosomes - the storage units of DNA.

‘Broken switch’ inside cancer cells could help them spread

Scientists in London have discovered a possible way that some cancer cells invade their surroundings and escape a tumour.

Cancer deaths will drop by 400,000 in next 20 years

Four hundred thousand fewer people will die from cancer over the next 20 years thanks to advances in research, according to figures by Cancer Research UK.

£226 million UK investment in cancer research announced

Cancer Research UK has announced the largest investment to date into its network of Centres across the UK.

New device could help make cancer surgery more accurate

A new probe that can distinguish between cancerous and healthy tissue samples could make surgery more precise, according to a new Australian study.

Cancer cells hijack healthy cells to regrow after treatment

Chemotherapy can cause some of the healthy cells surrounding a tumour to make proteins that encourage hardy tumour cells to start growing again

UK’s pathology services at tipping point

Pathology services in the UK are struggling to cope with the increasing number of patient samples that need to be tested.

Restoring leaky blood vessels could lead to new cancer treatment

A Belgian study has found making tumour blood vessels more normal might help deliver drugs to the tumour.

Teenagers drink a bathtub of sugary drinks a year

Teenagers, aged between 11 and 18, drink almost a bathtub full of sugary drinks on average a year, according to new calculations from Cancer Research UK.