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Obesity risk doubles for teens bombarded with junk food adverts

Teenagers are more than twice as likely to be obese if they remember seeing a junk food advert every day compared to those who couldn’t recall any in a month.

Millennials top obesity chart before reaching middle age

More than seven in 10 millennials – those born between the early 80s and mid 90s – are set to be overweight or obese between the ages of 35-44.

Cancer Research UK appoints leading expert to help accelerate advancements in clinical research

Cancer Research UK announces the appointment of Dr James Larkin as a new Senior Clinical Advisor in clinical research.

Cancer Research UK to invest £45 million in clinical trials

Cancer Research UK has announced that £45 million will be invested into its network of clinical trials units across the UK.

Major research project launched to crack aspirin's anti-cancer properties

Cancer Research UK launches an international study to answer the final questions before aspirin could be recommended to reduce cancer risk.

Cancer survival improving globally, but UK lagging behind

Cancer survival is increasing across the globe, according to a new study.

Millennials shun face-to-face conversations for online chats

Millennials are shunning face-to-face conversations, preferring to chat online according to research.

Proportion of cancers diagnosed in A&E falling

The way in which cancers are diagnosed in England is improving, according to new figures.

Teens likely to crave junk food after watching TV ads

Teenagers who watch more than three hours of commercial TV a day are more likely to eat hundreds of extra junk food snacks.

Tesco unveils new partnership to deliver Little Helps for healthier living

Three of the UK’s leading health charities have today come together with the UK’s leading food retailer to help tackle the nation’s biggest health challenges.