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Alcohol, smoking and breast cancer: the definitive answer

A woman's risk of breast cancer increases by six per cent for every extra alcoholic drink1 consumed on a daily basis, the world's largest study2 of women's smoking and...

Campaign warns of unseen health damage caused by alcohol misuse

A government-funded advertising campaign launching today, aims to raise awareness of the unseen health damage caused by regular alcohol misuse.

New insight into how alcohol is linked to breast and liver cancers

A US laboratory study has revealed how the breakdown of alcohol in human cells results in DNA damage that causes cell changes linked to cancer.

Booze causes at least 13,000 cancers a year in the UK

Alcohol causes at least 13,000 cases of cancer a year in the UK, according to a new report published in the British Medical Journal today (Friday)

Drugs committee recommends 18 year minimum for cigarette sales

The government's drug advisory committee has recommended that the minimum age for tobacco sales should be raised to 18 and that alcohol advertising should be restricted....

IARC finds more cancers linked to tobacco and alcohol

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has updated its assessments of several cancer-causing substances and behaviours, which are published in the latest...

Cigarettes, diet, alcohol and obesity behind more than 100,000 cancers

More than 100,000 cancers - equivalent to one third of all those diagnosed in the UK each year - are being caused by smoking, unhealthy diets, alcohol and excess weight,...

Drinking culture blamed for 'appalling' rise in alcohol-related cancers

There has been a significant increase in cancers which are linked to alcohol over the past ten years, according to figures requested by the Liberal Democrats.

Scottish government proposes minimum alcohol price of 45p per unit

The Scottish government has confirmed that it plans to introduce a minimum price of 45p per unit of alcohol.

One or two drinks a day increase the risk of cancer in women

Women who regularly have one or two alcoholic drinks a day increase their risk of several cancers according to a new report from Cancer Research UK published today.