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Lifestyle behind more than half a million cancers in five years

Nearly 600,000 cancers in the UK could have been avoided in the last five years if people had healthier lifestyles according to Cancer Research UK.

Six popular hangover ‘cures’ debunked (plus one that works)

Pounding head? Woolly mouth? A dreadful feeling you might be sick (if you can just summon the energy to get to the bathroom…)

The after-effects of too much alcohol...

Boozy young Brits will drink nearly 4,000 calories in alcohol on festive season nights out

Average young adult Brits will drink 62 units in the run up to Christmas and New Year.

Less alcohol means a lower risk of cancer (and hangovers)

Despite the stereotypical view of alcohol and cancer being about heavy drinkers developing liver cancer, that’s actually a relatively small part of the problem. As we’ll...

Why today’s reports about skin cancer and alcohol are misleading

Let’s be clear – drinking alcohol carries health risks.

It causes seven different types of cancer. And the more we cut down on alcohol, the more we reduce our risk...

Lung cancer success and an alcohol-free new year

Exciting results from a lung cancer campaign, important findings from a breast cancer prevention trial, and a trip to an alcohol-free bar.

Drinking culture blamed for 'appalling' rise in alcohol-related cancers

There has been a significant increase in cancers which are linked to alcohol over the past ten years, according to figures requested by the Liberal Democrats.

Scottish government proposes minimum alcohol price of 45p per unit

The Scottish government has confirmed that it plans to introduce a minimum price of 45p per unit of alcohol.

One or two drinks a day increase the risk of cancer in women

Women who regularly have one or two alcoholic drinks a day increase their risk of several cancers according to a new report from Cancer Research UK published today.

New study suggests alcohol promotes breast tumour growth

Scientists have discovered that breast tumours in mice given the equivalent of two alcoholic drinks per day grow twice as fast as tumours in mice given no alcohol.