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Diagrams of a skinning vulvectomy for VIN

Look at diagrams showing a skinning vulvectomy for VIN.

Diagrams of a skinning vulvectomy

This first diagram shows the area of skin the surgeon will remove during the operation.

Diagram 1 of skinning vulvectomy

The second diagram (below) shows the vulva after removal of the skin.

Diagram 2 of skinning vulvectomy

This third diagram (below) shows the vulva with the remaining skin sewn back together after the skinning vulvectomy operation. The diagram shows the stitches.

Once the area has healed, these should be smooth, neat lines of scar tissue. Above the vagina, you can see the opening of the bladder (the urethra) and the clitoris, both in place as before the operation.

Diagram 3 of skinning vulvectomy

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