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List of terms beginning with Na

Naevoid basal cell syndrome

An inherited skin disorder that can increase your risk of developing basal cell skin cancer. Also called Gorlin’s syndrome.


The medical name for a mole – the brown pigment patches that most fair skinned people naturally have on their skin.


A test to examine your upper airways and voice box. A tube is put up your nose and down into your throat. The tube contains a light and a camera so your doctor can see inside. It may also be called nasendoscopy.

Nasogastric tube

A tube put down the nose into the stomach. It can be used to drain fluid from the stomach, or to give liquid food or medicines directly into the stomach.

Nasopharyngeal tonsils

The nasopharyngeal tonsils are also called the adenoids. They are areas of lymph tissue at the back of the nose and are part of the immune system.

National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service

The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service is run by Public Health England, It is responsible for registering and collecting data on all cases of cancer that occur in people living in England. The data supports public health, healthcare and research. It includes monitoring the number of new cases, cancer survival, and trends and geographical patterns.

National breast screening programme

The system that invites all women in the UK between 50 and 70 years old for a health check for breast cancer. It involves having mammograms every three years. The programme is being expanded to include women from 47 to 73.


Feeling sick.


The tummy button – also called the umbilicus.

Updated: 29 June 2016