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Testicular cancer reading list

Men and woman discussing testicular cancer

This page gives details of a selection of books, leaflets and other resources for people affected by testicular cancer. There is information about


Books from libraries, bookshops or online booksellers

You can find a list of books about cancer, treatments, and living with cancer on our general reading list.

It's not about the bike: my journey back to life
Lance Armstrong
Yellow Jersey Press, May 2001
ISBN 0224060872

The story of how the cyclist Lance Armstrong overcame testicular cancer and went on to win the Tour de France. The book covers his treatment and how cancer affected his life, up to his recovery and the birth of his son.

Every second counts
Lance Armstrong
Broadway Books, July 2004
ISBN 9780767914482

The continuation of Lance Armstrong's story of overcoming testicular cancer.

Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual Man: The Definitive Step by Step Guide to Men's Health (2nd edition)
Dr Ian Banks
J.H. Haynes & Co Ltd, 2007
ISBN 1844256162

Written by a doctor, the Haynes Workshop Manual is an optimistic book, featuring hints and tips for a healthy lifestyle as well as easy to understand information on cancers affecting men.

The Which? Guide to Men's Health (4th edition)
Dr Steve Carroll
Which? Books, 2003
ISBN 0852029594

A general guide including information on how the male body works and common health problems in men. It covers physical, sexual and emotional health including coping with stress, and there is a small section on testicular cancer. There is also a useful list of self-help groups.

Looking After My Balls
Sheila Hollins and Justin Wilson. Illustrated by Beth Webb
Gaskell, June 2004
ISBN 1904671055
Paperback, £10.00

This book is for people with a learning disability. There is information about reading material for people with learning disabilities and cancer in our question and answer section. The book covers testicular self examination, seeing your GP, looking after your testicles and early investigations that you may need if your doctor thinks you could have a problem with them. It doesn’t have information on testing for cancer or treatment for testicular cancer. You can obtain a copy of this book from The Royal College of Psychiatrists website.

Men's Private Parts: A pocket reference to prostate, urologic and sexual health
James Gilbaugh
Simon and Schuster, 2008
ISBN 0743213440

A general guide to men's health issues, including common fears and anxieties and guidelines for maintaining good health.

Together we will win
Karen A WcWhirt
Outskirts Press, 2010
ISBN 9781432748678

The personal story of a 19 year old American man who was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer and died. It tells of how difficult the treatment was for him. He asked his mother to write the book so that other men would be more aware of testicular cancer and could avoid going through what he had to do. 


Booklets and leaflets from Cancer Research UK

Testicular Cancer – spot the symptoms early
You can download a copy of this testicular cancer awareness leaflet on the Cancer Research UK website. Or you can ring our leaflet enquiry line on 020 7061 8333.


Booklets and factsheets from other organisations

From Macmillan Cancer Support

Life after cancer treatment (also on CD)
Healthy eating and cancer
Coping with hair loss
Lost for words – how to talk to someone with cancer
Managing the late effects of pelvic radiotherapy in men
Sexuality and cancer
Talking about your cancer
Talking to children and teenagers when an adult has cancer (also on CD)
Understanding chemotherapy (also on CD)
Understanding cancer research trials (clinical trials) 
Understanding radiotherapy (also on CD)
Understanding donor stem cell (allogeneic) transplants (also on CD)
Understanding testicular cancer 


If you would like to recommend a book

Please contact us on our feedback form if you would like to recommend a book that you have found helpful. It helps us if you include the title, author, publisher's name and year, and ISBN number.

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Updated: 18 September 2014