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Nasopharyngeal cancer reading list

This page gives details of a selection of books, leaflets and CD's about head and neck cancers. There is information about


Books from libraries, bookshops or online booksellers

You can find a list of books about cancer, treatments, and living with cancer on our general reading list.

Looking Forward: the speech and swallowing guidebook for people with cancer of the larynx or tongue
Jack E. Thomas and Robert L. Keith
Thieme Medical Publishers, 2005
ISBN 3136662040
Has information about cancer treatments and how to manage problems with speech and swallowing. It includes exercises for improving speech and swallowing, and tips on tube feeding.

100 Questions and Answers about Head and Neck Cancer
Carper E, Hu KS and Kuzin E
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006
ISBN: 978 0763743079

An American book which gives both doctor's and patient's views on treatment for head and neck cancer and quality of life, and much more.

Coping with the psychological effects of cancer
Professor Bor, Dr Eriksen and C. Stapelkamp
Sheldon Press, 2010
ISBN 978 1847090973

This book addresses the painful emotions linked with a cancer diagnosis. It covers areas such as coping with distressing thoughts, learning to relax, family relationships and coping with an advanced cancer.

Cancer At Your fingertips (3rd edition)
Val Speechley and Maxine Rosenfield
Class Publishing, 2001
ISBN 978-1859590362

Facts about cancer and cancer treatments set out in question and answer form. Includes information on diet, exercise, sex and relationships, holidays, employment and money matters.

Living with Cancer
Jeffrey Tobias, Kay Eaton and Gary Lineker OBE
Bloomsbury, 2001
ISBN 0747554102

Follows the BBC TV series of the same name. Covers treatment, side effects and different types of cancer, including head and neck cancers.

Coping with Radiotherapy
Dr Terry Priestman
Sheldon Press, 2007
ISBN 978 0859699990

Gives information about radiotherapy, its side effects and how to cope with them. Also discusses the effect of radiotherapy on everyday life, including social life, work, travel, exercise and diet.

Coping with chemotherapy (2nd edition)
Dr Terry Priestman
Sheldon Press, 2009
ISBN 978 1847090805

Gives information about what chemotherapy is, how you have it and the side effects. A useful book for those about to start chemotherapy, and for their family members.

The Cancer Survivor's Handbook
Dr Terry Priestman
Sheldon Press, 2009
ISBN 978 1847090485

This handbook deals frankly and sensitively with the issues of cure, follow up, treatment side effects and recurrence. It looks at the support available to people who have finished treatment.


Booklets and factsheets from other organisations

From Macmillan Cancer Support

Understanding cancer of the head and neck
Diet and cancer
Coping with advanced cancer 
Controlling cancer pain 
Controlling symptoms of cancer 
Lost for words - how to talk to someone with cancer
Sexuality and cancer 
Understanding chemotherapy 
Understanding radiotherapy 
Coping with hair loss 
Coping with fatigue
Understanding clinical trials
The emotional effects of cancer 
What do I tell the children - a guide for a parent with cancer
Talking about your cancer 
Adjusting to life after cancer treatment

Many of these booklets are also available as CD's.

From the Royal Marsden Hospital Trust

Clinical trials
Your operation and Anaesthetic

These booklets can be downloaded from the Royal Marsden website.


If you would like to recommend a book

Please contact us on our feedback form if you would like to recommend a book that you have found helpful. It helps us if you include the title, author, publisher's name and year, and ISBN number.

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Updated: 2 September 2014