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Radiotherapy for advanced gallbladder cancer

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This page tells you about radiotherapy for advanced gallbladder cancer.

Your doctor may suggest radiotherapy for advanced gallbladder cancer. But there is a maximum total dose you can have to any part of the body. So if you had radiotherapy when you were first treated for gallbladder cancer, you may not be able to have any more to the same place.

You can have radiotherapy to another part of your body if your cancer has spread. Your doctor may suggest a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to try to shrink your cancer and slow it down.

You may have radiotherapy to relieve symptoms if your cancer is advanced. Your cancer may be blocking your bile duct, causing jaundice or pressing on nerves, causing pain. The treatment can shrink the cancer for a time and so relieve the blockage or pressure that is causing the symptoms. You usually have this type of treatment daily, as a short course over a few days.

Here is more about having radiotherapy for gallbladder cancer.  There is also information about radiotherapy for symptoms (palliative radiotherapy) in our main radiotherapy section.

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Updated: 19 June 2014