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Diet tips for preventing bowel cancer

Men and women discussing bowel cancer

This page has diet tips for reducing your risk of bowel cancer. It may help to prevent bowel cancer if you eat

  • Less cured and processed meat such as bacon, sausages and ham
  • Less red meat and more fish
  • More fibre from cereals, beans, fruit and vegetables
  • More fruit
  • More vegetables, especially green and leafy vegetables
  • Calcium rich foods, such as milk and yoghurt

Limiting alcohol may reduce the risk of bowel cancer. 

A diet high in fat is generally thought of as unhealthy, but is not a particular factor for bowel cancer. For the sake of your general health, it is a good idea to cut down on fat, particularly animal fat. Try not to use too much fat or oil in cooking. If you do use oil, olive oil is best. Any polyunsaturated vegetable oil (for example, sunflower oil) is much better than animal fat such as lard or butter.

For more about diet, look at the healthy eating section of Cancer Research UK and send in your own suggestions for other people to use.

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Updated: 30 September 2013