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Tests to stage

Find out about tests you may have if your doctor thinks your gallbladder cancer has spread.

The most common area for gallbladder cancer to spread to is the liver, because it is so close to the gallbladder. The cancer spreads to the liver in about 8 out of 10 people (80%). It can also spread to the lymph nodes in your tummy (abdomen).

MRI scan

Find out what an MRI scan is, how you have it and what happens afterwards.

Endoscopic ultrasound

Read about what an endoscopic ultrasound is, how you have it and what happens afterwards.


Laparoscopy is an operation to look inside your tummy (abdomen). Doctors use it to look directly at your gallbladder to see any signs of cancer.


Cholangiography means looking at the structure of the bile ducts and gallbladder. It can help to find the size of a gallbladder cancer and whether it has spread.

Last reviewed: 
16 Oct 2017

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