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Living and dying with prostate cancer

From Jackie

My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in May 2003. He was 50 years old. Having just been on the web I have found that his symptoms were not the norm. Please excuse the intimate facts but when we made love although he could climax, he stopped ejaculating. A visit to the Dr started us on the long road. Hormone therapy made him impotent. Radiotherapy made him tired, but HE ALWAYS maintained a positive attitude.

We knew from his very first PSA count – 139 – that things were not good. With such a high count it should have shown that the spread was to his bones but nothing showed up.

Being a very practical couple we demanded to know how long and were told 2 years would be good.

Andy lived for 6 years and we lived life to the full. Yes he had lymphoedema which put him in hospital but the nurses and other patients all supported each other.

Andy had an operation to remove part of his prostate. He also went through a chemotherapy regimen which was a last resort and a way of giving him a little more time.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary on 1st March 2003 by going to a quiet Lincolnshire town. He was tired but still the Andy I had loved for 25 years.

Andy went downhill very suddenly on Tuesday 26th March. Our local cancer volunteers bought to our home everything they possibly could to keep him comfortable.

I kept him home and with help from family we coped until the Friday when we had to admit him to hospital.

He stayed in the Rainbow Room where we could be with him.

Saturday 29th he really went downhill and I had to ask visitors to leave.

At 1.30am the nurse said he was being difficult. He told me quite clearly he needed a pee. Those were his last words to me. He died in his sleep 30 mins later.

Sad, heartbreaking even but for those of you are going through this very sad time, I hope you can be strong for each other and make the most of every day.

I send you each and every one of you my love. Be strong for each other and remember all of the good times you have spent together.

God Bless you all

Jackie X

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Updated: 28 September 2009