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Work - and other things - after prostate cancer surgery

From Trevor Machin in County Durham

Update to ‘My one percent, a prostate cancer story’.

Well, here I am again: I am now 6 months post op. I am back to work now and have been for a few weeks.

All is still going well. I do not regret my decision to have the radical surgery one bit.

All my worst nightmares were not founded, although there were and are things that change forever.

Physically I am doing very well: my waterworks are 98% back to normal. My ability to perform is doing very well too!! Obviously not the same as previous and I am not able to be too graphic on here, but I can honestly tell whoever reads this that if you are lucky enough to keep at least one set of nerve endings then with a little help from a pill you will eventually with patience have a satisfying time.

I was quite nervous for a while about going back to work after being off for a total of five months. I need not have worried. I was given a staggered start back to work before I went on to full time. This was very useful.

My colleagues at work without exception were superb. I was able to do my job without being treated any differently to anyone else. My return was monitored, and while I hadn't forgotten anything major to do with my job the only thing that had changed was in fact me.

I still do my work the same but I feel different. Not because of the surgery, I think it is the big "C" that makes you look at things in different way. Things that would have been possibly irritating before now just wash over. I feel more relaxed generally. Possibly this a relief type of reaction, if that makes sense.

So guys, whatever your age and if your diagnosis is the same as mine you can rest assured there is hope, lots of it. You will get over everything. Be positive, ask what you don't understand. There is nothing the medical staff hasn’t heard before.

Make sure that any information that you read is relevant to you. Some things cover a general situation.

I have done well to get to where I am today and I am proud of my recovery to date.

Good luck to all........

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Updated: 28 September 2009