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Recognising ovarian cancer

Grandparents and children sharing tips and stories

From Ms Carole McNab

The Silent Killer

Ovarian cancer is usually called the 'silent killer' as it usually whispers its symptoms until its almost too late.

I was diagnosed at the 'usual' advanced (incurable) stage but it doesnt have to be like that. I and other ovarian cancer survivors remain convinced that if there was more awareness of the 'whispering' symptoms both amongst the general population AND some of the medical profession more women would be diagnosed earlier and therefore have a much better prognosis.

So please please check out the symptoms on this website under 'ovarian cancer' and REMEMBER them. You could help save someones life or even your own.

Me, I m 3 years from diagnosis and going strong. Hoping to be in the 15% of Stage 3c that at least make it to 5 years!

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Updated: 28 September 2009