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Life after penile cancer

From Wendy Allen

In February 2001 my husband was diagnosed with Penile Cancer and had to have a partial penectomy. He was grateful that it had only affected his penis and not his brain. He coped with his penectomy very positively. He told all of his friends straightaway and he made all the jokes about a sex change etc... He has carried on with life as normal, even a sex life. There seemed to be nowhere to go to ask what and when to try anything, so we persevered years without him being able to achieve an orgasm, partly due obviously to the skin in that area healing up. Three years and a few months later it happened, we were so happy, we booked a holiday. It was like our honeymoon all over again.

Thankfully after 6 monthly checks for the last 5 years, everything is fine and the cancer has not spread. The only problem that my husband does encounter is that he has to sit down now for a wee, but that is of little significance considering the big picture. I hope my husband’s experience is of some help to anyone who is facing this same cancer and that having a partial penectomy is not necessarly the end of your sex life.

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Updated: 28 September 2009