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Erythema nodosum and non Hodgkin's lymphoma

From Karen Clarke

I am fighting lymphoma (non Hodgkin's) at the moment. I was diagnosed in January 2010 and had six sessions of chemotherapy - the last one was 24th May 2010. After a week I developed pins and needles from top to toe on the left leg and from the toe to top on the right leg. I went back into hospital for an MRI scan and was told that it was now terminal and that I have weeks to live. Now I have been sent home to die. I am only 47 years old. After putting in a complaint against my doctor, I found out that the erythema nodosum that I had in February 2008 (and was treated for with steroids) was a very rare case and that the two were connected.

A small group of lymphoma cells near the spinal cord survived the chemotherapy and continued to grow. I have now lost the use of my legs due to spinal cord compression. I must say though, I don't feel ill just yet and in no pain, just discomfort, and it has been five weeks since I was told the news. And I'm still here. I would just like to make everybody who has erythema nodosum aware that in a few cases it can develop into lymphoma, so please ask your doctor to check. I hope this helps.

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Updated: 10 August 2010