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Coping with non small cell lung cancer

From Stella Ofodile

I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer on 15th September. I remember walking into the room with my auntie to get the result of the biopsy and I saw the McMillan nurse sitting there and thinking, but I only see her go in with the really sick people.

Both the doctor and the nurse had a worried expression as he told me that I had lung cancer. I started laughing as I told them that I was fine, apart from coughing up blood and pains on my chest and back, I felt fine and I looked fine.

I turned and looked at my Auntie and she had tears in her eyes. It all came crashing down. The next 2 weeks was a frenzy of tests and phone calls my family, friends and work colleagues were in shock. I was okay most of the time. I only panicked and cried when they were all around me doing their best to show me how much they loved me. I was so scared. But I believed that I will be fine I had faith the God will make me well.

After more CT and PET scans they found that it had spread to my pelvic, lymph system and back. It was stage 4 and I had to start chemo immediately.

That was the 5th of October 06.

I had read every thing I could lay my hands only so had my friends and family. I was ready for surgery, radiotherapy but no not chemo! But that’s all they could offer me. I was scared.

But the treatment commenced. It wasn’t as bad as we thought. I did not lose my hair (thanks to my chemo combination). I completed on 18th Jan 07 and went back to work on 5th Feb. I prayed for courage and I got it though I cried a lot at the pain of the treatment. I prayed for peace and I got it. I was so sure it will be fine. I was showered with so much love and favour from all around me, it’s a great blessing. I still can’t believe I have cancer but I have to live with it.

The tumour has stabilised but I am excited to have my life back. I will have 6 weekly scans. I am on trial drug and I pray that will halt its growth. I walk now and do pilates. I have lost some confidence in myself. I put on some weight and my hair is not as smart as before and so is my skin, it hard when you love looking good but hey! Am alive, am here and it will be fine. I believe that.

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Updated: 28 September 2009