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Something to keep you going

From Peter Perkins

My father suffered for a long time before bowel cancer finally got him a few years ago now. He got on with life as best he could and wrote about it to inform others and give himself an interest. Only in the last few days did his output of essays and cartoons finally fade away. His interest in writing probably gave him at least a couple of years he otherwise would not have had. So my point is find a hobby or interest with no easily achieved objective, and throw yourself into it with a gritty steely determination to see it through. The body can fend off things for quite a while with a purpose and objective to aim for.

I hope his writings on cancer and it's effects provide some solace, and help you and yours if ever in the same situation. They certainly helped all our family, and I still find them uplifitng now. It's quite nice to think that he still has a tangible presence and lives on forever in some internet archive or website that his descendants can look at in 50 or 500 years time.

Regards Peter

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Updated: 21 June 2010