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One stage at a time

From Marjory Wright

Hello, this is my story. I went to give blood in September of 2003 was surprised on that occasion to be told they would not be able to take a donation as my count was a little low. Not duly perturbed as this as it had happened on one or 2 occasions before, I took a course of iron tablets, thought not to much about it.

By Feb 2004 I'd lost a little weight, with no real reason to, so I went to my doctor who took some tests and referred me to a consultant. My first meeting with the consultant (April 2004) wasn't very clear so they sent me to have an endoscopy. This was on 18th May 2004 to which I was informed there and then that I had CANCER OF THE COLON, so he took several samples to send for biopsy above and below the affected area, this came as a terrible shock as of all the things it could have been I didn’t expect that diagnosis, had results back soon after, went into hospital 4th August 2004 for my colon op. While waiting for this my hubby and I spoke it all through, read up what we could on the subject, my hubby and I spoke openly about this and he was and Is my rock through all this, made me laugh when I was down or feeling low.

I broke my treatment down into stages, 1.Diagnosis, 2.Treatment, 3. Cure, looking at the positives in each case. In stage 2 I didn’t need to be fitted with a colostomy bag so that was good, (no reversal op needed) so pretty straight forward there. I was advised to have chemo, which I did, having the 5FU style, which meant I had to go about 24/7 connected to my chemo pod, which wasn’t to bad as you kinda forgot it was there at times, had 12 weeks of this, was disconnected 17th Dec 04, had my central lines taken out 21st Dec. So all in all we had a good Xmas. I had several visits to my oncologist where my levels were ok for a while then my tumor levels started to rise again, to cut a long story short, have now had a second op which wasn’t successful and now awaiting to go see another consultant with another possible op ahead, but through it all my hubby & work mates have kept me going, (keep the faith) things can only get better!!! What is also good is I'm always being told you don’t look ill, which I don’t. I'm healthy I've just got Cancer, though my hope is this time we'll get rid of it for GOOD. Then Bliss no more trailing to Hospitals. Role on that day. Mind you I've seen a bit more of our delightful countryside through Aberdeen.

So to all those just starting this road think of it as a journey break it up in stages, take it stage at a time, then you don’t get over burdened with all the info at once. You take on as much or as little as you can cope with, Remember there's always someone out there going through it too you are not alone.


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Updated: 28 September 2009