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It helps to talk to your children

From Georgina Andrews

My dad had cancer when I was younger and unfortunately he is no longer with us. I was eight at the time and my brother was ten. One of the biggest things that helped was my parents telling us what was going on, about the treatment, and what could happen.

Being able to talk to the nurses and see what was going on with chemotherapy made it easier to cope with as we knew the reason why he was ill. It was also nice to meet other patients in the hospice he went to, as it made it more normal.

If you have kids it is much better to tell them what is going on than to leave them in the dark. Looking back on it, if I hadn't been told it would have been worse, as every kid knows when there is something wrong. It also made it easier when he passed away, as we still had the support from the lovely nurses, and other staff that provided support.

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Updated: 27 January 2012