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Bladder cancer at 27

From Rachel Burgess

I am a 27 year old female and I was treated for a small low grade bladder tumour (Ta G1) in July 2010. Four months on I have recovered well but it has been a very challenging.

Bladder tumours are rare in females of my age. I am a non-smoker (never smoked) with no family history (that I know of) of this cancer. My consultant suggested a genetic fault may be to blame but I have found it very difficult to accept that there may be no real reason why I got this tumour. So I have been doing a lot of research on my own.

Taking my health into my own hands has made me feel better and given me some control over my situation. Everyone is different and I think we all find our own ways of dealing with cancer. Doing everything I can to reduce my chance of a tumour reoccurring is my way.

I have always suffered with frequent reoccurring bladder infections along with various other health complaints so I had a suspicion that these persistent infections may have been the cause of my bladder tumour. I read that many people suffer from these infections as a result of gluten intolerance, so I decided to take a food intolerance test. I discovered yesterday that I am indeed gluten intolerant along with an intolerance to 9 other foods.

This may or not be the cause of my bladder and digestive problems but I feel that I need to do everything I can to save my health so I will be cutting out these foods shortly with the help of a dietician. Hopefully with regular checkups at the hospital I should be OK.

I feel that in the long term this difficult experience will have taught me much and will have made me a stronger person physically, mentally and emotionally.

I always try to focus on the positives these days.

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Updated: 12 November 2010