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What to ask your doctor about cancer and sickness

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  • What is making me feel or be sick?
  • Do all chemotherapy drugs make you sick?
  • Why is my cancer making me feel sick?
  • Why does a bowel blockage make me feel sick?
  • Would a blood test help to find the cause of my sickness?
  • Can you treat the cause of my sickness and get rid of it that way?
  • Is there anything that can help control sickness?
  • What medicine can you give me to control my sickness?
  • Are medicines the only way to help control my sickness?
  • Will I need one anti sickness drug or more?
  • What are the side effects of anti sickness drugs?
  • How quickly do anti sickness drugs work?
  • How often should I take them?
  • Should I take them regularly or only if I feel sick?
  • Will I feel or be sick every time I have cancer treatment?
  • Will changing my diet help stop my sickness?
  • Will other remedies help, such as ginger or Seabands?
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Updated: 27 June 2013