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Coping with fluid in the abdomen

There is no set way to cope with fluid in the abdomen (ascites). Most people find it difficult both physically and emotionally.

Support is available at the hospital and from cancer support groups. Getting support can help you to cope. Your hospital or cancer organisations can offer emotional support or practical help, such as dealing with money matters.

It is important that you feel as well as you possibly can. Ask your specialist, GP or hospital nurse to refer you to a symptom control nurse (also called palliative care nurses or home care nurses). These are specialist nurses who can help you and your doctor to control your cancer symptoms and improve your physical well being.

Most people are concerned about their outlook (prognosis) when they have advanced cancer. It is very difficult to say exactly what will happen. Only your own doctor or specialist nurse, who has all the information about your cancer, can guide you. Even then they can only give you a general idea. The outlook depends on many factors, including whether the cancer has spread to more than one part of your body, how fast it is growing, and how it responds to treatment. 

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Updated: 15 September 2015