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Tests for lung symptoms

You have one or more of these tests to check whether a carcinoid tumour is causing your lung symptoms. You might also have other tests such as scans, and urine and blood tests.

If you have a tumour in a part of the lung that is hard to reach, your surgeon may do an operation (thoracotomy) to take a sample of the tumour instead of a bronchoscopy. Or they may use a CT scan to guide a needle into the tumour (CT guided biopsy).


This test looks at the inside of the breathing tubes in your lungs (the airways).

Bronchoscopy and ultrasound (endobronchial ultrasound)

This test combines bronchoscopy and ultrasound scanning to check the inside of the breathing tubes (airways) in your lungs and nearby structures.

Chest x-ray

A chest x-ray looks for anything abnormal in your chest. 

Last reviewed: 
02 Jul 2016

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