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What to ask your doctor about external radiotherapy

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Some questions you might ask your doctor

  • How often will I need to visit the clinic for my treatment?
  • How long will the course of treatment last?
  • How long will each appointment take?
  • Will I have image guided radiotherapy?
  • Will I have conformal radiotherapy?
  • Will I have intensity modulated radiotherapy?
  • How will you know exactly where to give the radiotherapy?
  • How long after the planning session will I have my first radiotherapy treatment?
  • How will you mark the treatment area on my body?
  • Are the skin marks permanent?
  • What if the marks come off before my next session?
  • Will I need a radiotherapy mould?
  • What can I expect to see and hear during the treatment?
  • What will I feel?
  • What do I do if I need to move, for example if I have a cough or an itch?
  • Do you think I'll feel well enough to make my own way to the hospital?
  • Will I have to stay in hospital?
  • How can I get help with travel costs and transport?
  • Who can help me arrange the practical things?
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Updated: 29 February 2016