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What to ask your doctor about cancer drugs side effects

Coping with cancer

Some questions you might ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about the side effects of cancer drugs

  • What side effects could my cancer drugs cause?
  • How soon will the side effects start?
  • How severe might they be?
  • How long might the side effects last?
  • Are there any ways of reducing the side effects?
  • How might the side effects affect me?
  • What effects might the treatment have on my body?
  • How can I prepare for the side effects?
  • Who can help me manage the side effects?
  • Is my hair likely to fall out?
  • Would a cold cap help to reduce or stop my hair falling out from chemotherapy?
  • Are there any risks from using a cold cap?
  • Who should I phone if I get a high temperature or notice bleeding or bruising?
  • Could my drug cause a severe skin rash?
  • If I get a rash will I need special treatment for it?
  • Is there anyone I can talk to about what to eat during my treatment?
  • Should I worry if I lose weight during my treatment?
  • Can you give me anything to help keep my weight up?
  • Can I have diet supplements on prescription?
  • Is my treatment likely to affect my skin or nails?
  • Do I need to use protection or contraception whilst on treatment?


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Updated: 12 August 2014