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What is a B1 endometrial cancer?

Endometrial cancer is cancer of the womb lining. It is sometimes called uterine cancer or cancer of the uterus.

We think you might mean 1B, not B1. This is the stage of the cancer. The stage means the size of the cancer and whether it has spread. Stage 1 is the earliest stage. A stage 1 womb cancer is contained completely inside the womb. There is no spread to the lymph glands or any other part of the body.

Stage 1A means the cancer is only in the lining of the womb. 1B means that the cancer has grown into the muscle wall of the womb. But it has grown less than halfway through. Stage 1C means that the cancer has grown more than halfway through the muscle wall of the womb, but is still contained.

The good news is that most stage 1 womb cancers are completely cured. You will need to have a hysterectomy, which is a daunting operation for many women. But there is a good chance that this will get rid of the cancer completely. If your specialist thinks there is any possibility that the cancer is not completely gone, you may be asked to have a course of radiotherapy after your surgery to increase the chance of cure and help stop the cancer from coming back in the future.

We have a section about womb cancer, which has detailed information about diagnosis, the stages of womb cancer and treatment.

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Updated: 17 January 2013